Dean’s word

Dean’s word

Dr. Khaled Naser S. Alshuwairekh


Dar Al Uloom University, like most universities in Saudi Arabia and developed countries, do not only focus on providing qualified graduates but also seek to contribute to the development of the societies scientifically and academically through the advancement of the human skills via its varied programs and by cooperation with all the colleges at Dar Al Uloom University where the social partnership and community service are considered a corner stone on the vision and mission of the university and one of its basic strategic goals in order to cope with the national development plans and the demands of the regional labor market

The idea and motives of establishing of Deanship of Continuing Education and Community Service with the support of the university top management are to strengthen and cement the partnerships with the community governmental and private sectors in order to meet the requirements of the labor market so that the community benefits from the university in all fields of knowledge particularly in Riyadh and in Saudi Arabia in general.

The university looks forward to participate effectively in community service through offering training opportunities for all society segments, and providing the community members with some skills and information that will qualify them for the suitable professions and daily practice, especially for those who aspire for improvement in practicing a specific career.

In line with the new restructuring plans and strategic vision of Dar Al Uloom; the university plans to exploit all its educational resources and services, faculty members and staff to help in the accomplishment of the programs of the Deanship of Continuing Education and Community Service.

Hence, this deanship will work hard to develop its programs in coordination and collaboration with the government and private sectors in light of the private education regulations so that it contributes in raising the standards and professionalism of education.

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