AlOthman is Vice-Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs at Dar Al Uloom University

AlOthman is Vice-Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs at Dar Al Uloom University

His Excellency Mr. Abdul-Aziz bin Ali Al-Twaijri, Director of Board of Trustees issued, at the beginning of the current month of January, a decision to appoint respected                     Dr Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah AlOthman as Vice-Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs.

Dr AlOthman has worked in a number of administrative posts at King Saud University, the last of which was Vice-Dean of the University for Educational and Academic Affairs. Likewise, he worked as General Secretary of the Civil Engineering Department, Supervisor of Computer Administration at the College of Engineering, and Vice-Dean of the University Deanship of Registration.

It is noteworthy that Dr Abdul-Aziz Al-Othman achieved his Doctorate in Water resources from The Department of Civil Engineering at Birmingham University, the United Kingdom, in 1991 CE, and his Masters in Civil Engineering from the College of Civil Engineering at King Saud University in 1986 CE.

Al-Othman progressed in academia as an assistant-lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering in the College of Engineering at King Saud University, and advanced on to being a lecturer in the same Department after achieving his Masters. He returned to the Department as an Assistant Professor after achieving his Doctorate, the proceeded on to Associate Professor in 2012 CE.

Al-Othman also worked as a consultant for the High Commission for the Development of ArRiyadh. He participated in some studies and evaluating them at the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, and had membership in a number of committees in and out of King Saud University.