Advisory councils

Advisory councils

The advisory council a consultative body, that comprises a blend of professional experts and academics, constituting a communication media between COB and the employment sectors. Its prime objective is to ensure the involvement and participation of those sectors in COB’s efforts towards ensuring that its graduates are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and competences in alignment with the labor market needs and expectations. Moreover, the advisory council supports COB programs’ improvements as well as policy and strategic planning evaluation.

Members of the advisory council:

Professor Hesham Saleh AlMoallim: Dean

Doctor Ali Abdulaziz AlQerban: Vice Dean

Doctor Naser Sarhan: Advisor to the Education Evaluation Authority, the Academic Accreditation and Assessment Sector

Professor Dina AlSoudani: Professor Endodontics – Restorative Department in King Saud University

Doctor Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Obaida: Head of the Saudi Associations Department – King Saud University

Doctor Abdulaziz Al-Ajaji: Director of Al-Ajaji Dental Complex

Doctor Ali Al-Johani: Director of the Saudi Board Program, Advisor to the Secretary-General of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties